An Experience I will never forget....

By Crystal Rawls

Since arriving back in the states, I have had quite a bit of time to reflect on the time that I spent in Germany. Our study abroad trip to Germany has taught me so much about the current refugee crisis and what refugees and asylum seekers have to go through each day just to survive. To meet and talk to a lot of these asylum seekers and to learn and hear their stories gave me a greater appreciation of my own life and a deeper understanding of how these individuals are feeling about their current situation. It was also insightful to shadow the social workers who have to encounter the refugee crisis every day as apart of their profession. I believe that the best part of the trip was learning from my fellow peers and taking the time to hear different opinions and views about the current situation that is taking place. Overall, this trip has been once in a lifetime. I learned so much not only about Germany, but also about myself and this is an experience that I will never forget!


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