Welcome to our 2017 Service-Learning Study-Abroad trip to Munich July 18-28, 2017.
This inter-disciplinary, service-learning study-abroad course examines the current migration "crisis" in Europe, which has fundamentally affected and transformed the European continent. In particular Germany has emerged as the political core of the "crisis." This interdisciplinary study-abroad trip to southern Germany/Munich will engage students with the immediate social complexity of the integration of migrants in Germany. The service-learning component of this study-abroad course will allow students to actively participate in current integration processes in the field. Students will shadow and assist local non-profit groups/state agencies in their efforts to guide migrants and refugees through the various stages of the integration process. Additionally, students will attend seminars and workshops to engage with local think-tanks, state and non-state agencies to learn about the historical, political, and philosophical context and framework, surrounding Europe’s struggle with multi-culturalism, assimilation and new, more effective integration models. Additionally, students will visit civic and political groups, migrant communities, engaging with migrants/refugees and first generation migrant populations.      


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